Weaving the Ancient with the Modern

Weaving the Ancient with the Modern

To find remembrance of the ancient wisdom we hold within can invoke an unspoken, unseen connection to this earth and all those who have come before us. A sacred connection that may not be tangible but is deeply felt. A weaving of the cosmic web, co-created by what is here-and-now and what existed lifetimes ago. Regardless of cultural or ancestral lineage, each and every one of us has the potential to open ourselves to the ancient wisdom available inside and outside of ourselves.

Many of us exist within communities that are starved of true connection with one another, the earth and ourselves. A sense of separation with the natural world that was imparted on us at some point in time without our conscious awareness. A deep-rooted codependency to convenience and wanting things fast, dissolving our patience for the slow-living ways of ancestral times. As a result, we begin making choices that negatively impact the environment and our fellow human beings because we have begun to see ourselves as separate. The lone-wolf mentality, the competitiveness, and the dopamine boost of instant gratification fog our awareness as compassion becomes buried deeper and deeper in our hearts. 

Without slowing down to savor life, we miss the beauty present in each moment. We miss the opportunities to make small intentional choices that weave sacredness into our lives and the way we see the world around us. We forget what this gift of life is truly about. 

To bridge the ancient with the modern is to integrate the lost wisdom and practices of the ancient ways with our modern experience. Acknowledging that these two sides of the spectrum of time can coexist to grace our lives with harmony and presence. When we impart the intentionality and mindfulness that was honored in ancient times into our present day-to-day, life speaks to us with deeper meaning and the whispers of our hearts are heard. The rituals of cooking, tending to the home and practicing self-care become sacred acts of devotion. Restoring the original connection we once had with our food, our families, our community, the land we occupy and ourselves.

I ask you to sit with this question - what does weaving the ancient with the modern mean to you? Maybe this means cooking family recipes with locally grown ingredients, connecting to your lineage and the land you occupy. Or allowing yourself to be held in nature without the overstimulation of technology. Maybe you choose to adorn your home with handmade items that are made with traditional and sustainable artisan techniques. Or taking time to read books that speak on ancient wisdom, integrating these teachings into your life.

In whatever capacity you choose to weave the worlds of past and present, I honor you in this reclamation of your birthright to feel connection and purpose on every level.


Cover photo / Keiji Uematsu (1976)

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