About Us

:About Earth Based:

Honoring the earth is at the heart of everything we do. The term ‘Earth Based’ relates to the concept of ‘Earth Based Spirituality’. A way of being that is based on reverence for the earth and all of its inhabitants. We believe that all life is sacred, and by moving through life with this sacred lens of perception we come home to the innate oneness we share with nature and this beautiful earth. 

Our intention at Earth Based Goods is to share consciously sourced items that are made with the earth in mind. To offer items that inspire sacredness within the sanctuary of your home and your day-to-day rituals. We desire to know where our goods come from, who made them, and the story behind the creation. To foster a sense of interconnectedness with what we chose to consume.


:Who we are:

We are two born and raised Southern Californians who share a love of sun-soaked days by the sea, earth stewardship, and enjoying the simple pleasures of nature. We intend for Earth Based Goods to be a reflection of this love, as well as a way to bring sacred reciprocity to our earth and surrounding communities. Along with sharing the beautifully crafted creations of some incredible makers, we desire for Earth Based to also serve as a platform for ancient and modern wisdom, community connection, and regenerative land stewardship practices. 

We are grateful to be relating with the earth and operating our business on Kumeyaay land.



The ethos of Earth Based Goods is centered around consideration and stewardship for the earth. Sustainability, ethical consumerism and giving-back are all values that we hold closely. 

We choose to partner with other brands and makers who equally resonate with these values and exemplify the importance of utilizing natural and organic materials to create products that are better for the earth. Aside from the items we share, we have put equal care into choosing the best earth-friendly packaging options available to us. Each order is shipped with 100% recycled and recyclable, or compostable, materials. All packing peanuts are biodegradable and dissolvable, and our shipping labels are BPA free. Our stickers are also 100% recyclable and printed with soy-based inks on non-tonic adhesive.